Our Team

The CTL team has over 100 years of combined “teaching and learning” experience!

Service Desks Phone Email
Centre for Teaching and Learning 403.356.4989 ctl@rdc.ab.ca
Nova Learning Common 403.342.3570 test.centre@rdc.ab.ca
Testing Services 403.342.3292 test.centre@rdc.ab.ca
Flexible Learning 403.357.3664 flexible.learning@rdc.ab.ca

Alphabetical by First Name

Name Position Phone Email
Alison Jeppesen Learning Designer 403.342.3383 alison.jeppesen@rdc.ab.ca
Carrie Freeman Testing Services Assistant 403.342.3570 carrie.freeman@rdc.ab.ca
Charlene Jones Distance Learning & Testing Services Coordinator 403.342.3347 charlene.jones@rdc.ab.ca
Cindy Ridge Exam Accommodations Specialist 403.314.2414 cindy.ridge@rdc.ab.ca
Danielle Marcus Administrative Officer 403.357.3699 danielle.marcus@rdc.ab.ca
Derek Blair Multimedia Specialist 403.356.4941 derek.blair@rdc.ab.ca
Erika Schulz Testing Services Assistant 403.342.3570 erika.schulz@rdc.ab.ca
Jena-Lee Misanchuk Testing Services Coordinator 403.342.3282 jena-lee.misanchuk@rdc.ab.ca
Jenelle Braun Flexible Learning Support Specialist 403.357.3686 jenelle.braun@rdc.ab.ca
Jennifer Thomas Learning Designer 403.342.3474 jennifer.thomas@rdc.ab.ca
Jessica Siegrist Flexible Learning Assistant 403.357.3664 jessica.siegrist@rdc.ab.ca
Kasey Fulton Learning Designer 403.314.2421 kasey.fulton@rdc.ab.ca
Kelsie Grayston Testing Services Assistant 403.342.3570 kelsie.grayston@rdc.ab.ca
Maureen Toews Director of Teaching and Learning 403.342.3351 maureen.toews@rdc.ab.ca
Maxine Evans Learning Designer 403.342.3135 maxine.evans@rdc.ab.ca
Melanie Pereversoff Educational Multimedia Specialist 403.356.4989 melanie.pereversoff@rdc.ab.ca
Ray Pilkington Educational Multimedia Specialist 403.342.3177 raymond.pilkington@rdc.ab.ca
Rosann Campbell Testing Services Assistant 403.342.3570 rosann.campbell@rdc.ab.ca
Sona Macnaughton Learning Designer/ Librarian 403.343.4065 sona.macnaughton@rdc.ab.ca
Stacey Mateika Learning Designer 403.357.3627 stacey.mateika@rdc.ab.ca

Updated July 23, 2018