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Sharp Technology

Getting Started with Sharp Touchscreen

How to open a session:

  1. Begin by logging in.
  2. Select PC on the Crestron display unless you are using your own laptop – if so, select “Laptop.”
  3. Touch the Crestron display buttons to turn off the “Left Monitor” and “Right Monitor” functions.This will hide your information from your students until you are set up and ready to go.
  4. Open the software you wish to use for your lesson (e.g. PowerPoint.)
  5. When you are ready, turn the screens on by selecting the “Right Monitor” and “Left Monitor” buttons on the Crestron display.

The left-hand monitor will display directly on the Sharp Touchscreen LCD. Selecting the “Right Monitor” button will display the same image on the right LCD screen as the Touchscreen LCD. If you want the students to see what you are displaying on your right monitor, select the “Extended Desktop” button on the Crestron display.

Troubleshooting Startup

The most common problem you might see is that the desktop is locked. This occurs when the previous instructor forgets to log off and the session times out. To log in, open the podium door and press the power button on the VDI unit.This should allow you to log in.

Note: Only the left LCD screen is touch sensitive. The right LCD screen is a display only.

Note: The computer monitors are NOT touch sensitive.

What You Can Do:

The Sharp system is great for presenting any kind of content – Youtube videos, Internet searches, audio files, documents, PowerPoints, etc. The pen (or your finger) act as a mouse to select, move or open items.


Exiting your Session

You should always log out before leaving the classroom. If you wish, you can push the power button on the VDI. This will allow the next instructor to logon, but also hold your session and allow you to continue once you return to your office.

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Updated August 21, 2018