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Video Development

Creating instructor videos is a great way to welcome students to a course, introduce course content, or conclude course content. These types of videos can enhance material by creating powerful and impactful learning experiences for students. Utilize the following tools to help you get started with video development.


Screencast-o-matic allows you to easily and quickly record videos of your screen, of yourself, or both!

It is a free software that features:

This video [1] will provide you with a basic understanding of how Screencast-o-matic works or visit the Screencast-o-matic website [2] for more information.


Camtasia is a great tool for video production and editing. It is a paid software but is available for use in the CTL sound room.

It offers features such as:

The Camtasia website has many great tutorials [3] and short courses [4] to get you started with video development.

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Updated November 7, 2019