Red Deer Polytechnic is transforming teaching and learning, creating high-quality flexible learning environments that widen student access and foster a dynamic student learning experience. “Today’s learners require education to be accessible, immersive, collaborative, personalized, and online-enriched” (Pillar 1, n.d.).

Foundational elements of all course design revolves around building aptitude in the following competencies:




RDP Competencies


Instructor Presence


The instructor creates an engaging and welcoming online learning environment. Instructor presence promotes and encourages a safe, inviting and mutually respectful learning environment.


Engagement & Interaction


The instructor fosters interaction and collaboration. Engagement and interaction is maximized when instructors use active learning activities that provide students with opportunities to interact with their peers, instructor and course content.


Course Design


The instructor ensures alignment between online learning activities, assessments, and course learning outcomes.

The instructor ensures online course content is organized in a consistent and logical manner, and can adjust the course design to meet the needs of learners.


Tools & Technology


The instructor utilizes educational tools and technology effectively in the online learning environment.




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Updated August 19, 2021