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Our Process

In the Development phase, within the Framework for Quality Online Courses, you will be guided through a process for developing quality online courses at RDC. This process is illustrated by the following graphic:

While working alongside our available team, you will be introduced to materials and resources that will assist you along the way. Online courses are developed in Blackboard, the Learning Management System (LMS) at RDC.

At any point during this phase, connect with the CTL for support (ctl@rdc.ab.ca [1] | 403.356.4989 | 8:30am-4:30pm M-F in 913C)

Process Details

Kick Off

Task Action Items Resources Supporting Team Members
  • Review current and approved Curriculum Elements Sheet(CES)
  • Curriculum Elements Sheet (Master)
All team members
Team Kick Off Session As a team, review:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Online course development process
  • Timeline for development
All team members

Course Planning

Task Action Items Resources Supporting Team Members
School Librarian Session
  • Citations and copyright
  • Attribution
  • Google image searches
  • Authority
School Librarian
Online Course Planning Map
  • Why the planning map
  • How to populate the map
  • Establish deadlines to complete map
Learning Designer
Guidelines for Quality Online Courses Session
  • Review the Guidelines for Quality Online Courses
Learning Designer

Course Development in Blackboard

Task Action Items Resources Supporting Team Members
Basic Blackboard Training (If Required) One-on-one session to review:

  • Best practices for developing in Blackboard
  • Adding tools to your course (discussion boards, journals, etc.)
  • Setting up your grade book
Educational Multimedia Specialist
Building in Blackboard Using the Blackboard Template
  • Use the planning map to populate the Blackboard template
  • Establish deadlines for completion of Blackboard populating
Educational Multimedia Specialist

Quality Review

Task Action Items Resources Supporting Team Members
Quality Review
  • Course reviewed by the team
All Team Members
Online Course Development Team Development Wrap Up Session
  • Benchmarks for success
  • Opportunities for improvement for next development period
  • Upcoming opportunities
  • n/a
All Team Members
Individual ongoing support is provided
  • Support offered will vary based on point of need
  • n/a
All Team Members



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Updated February 12, 2020