Key Features of Flexible Online Course Development


  • Engage and welcome students to the online environment; promoting safe, inviting and mutually respective opportunities for building relationships and community.
  • Encourage student engagement and interaction by using active learning activities that provide students with opportunities to interact with their peers, instructor and course content.
  • Design online course content in an organized, consistent and logical manner, and adjust the course design to meet the needs of learners.
  • Utilize educational tools and technology effectively in the online learning environment.


ONLINE: Instruction occurs in an online environment. 

  • Online Real Time: All instruction takes place in real time using a virtual classroom.
  • Online Any Time: No scheduled class time. Instructor engagement and content is available online for students to access when it best suits their schedules. 
  • Combined Real Time/Any Time combines synchronous and asynchronous online delivery
Action Description Resource
Plan your course
    • Use the planning map to organize and design the “blueprint” for your course
    • Identify course resources, considering:
      • Licensed Library resources with permalinks
      • Open and affordable textbooks and other open educational resources (OER)
      • Copyright for online delivery
Develop your course in Blackboard
    • Use the planning map to populate the Blackboard template
Quality Online Courses Checklist
    • Review the Quality Online Courses Checklist for effective online course design practices.
Action Description Resource
Plan for Course Delivery 
    • Use the Delivery Planning Checklist to guide you in completing priority and recommended tasks before, during, and at the end of your course.
Document Successes and Lessons Learned
    • Use the course facilitation record as a way to track notes and flags each week as you facilitate your course
Familiarize yourself with online classroom technology
    • Review Collaborate Ultra guide on the CTL Resources SharePoint Site
Action Description Resource
Reflect on Course Delivery
    • Make modifications to course as needed, based on feedback and notes from completed Course Facilitation Record | 403.356.4989 | Teaching Common – 913C | Find us on theLoop | Find us on Twitter and Facebook @ctlrdc

Updated August 23, 2021