Key Features of Flexible Onsite Course Development



ONSITE: Instruction occurs in real time on-campus (or at a site off-campus)

Action Description Resource
Complete Course Planning 
    • Use your course outline to help inform course communication, structure and layout in  Blackboard.
    • Use lesson plans to inform progression through the course

Lesson plans

Utilize the Blackboard Tools 
    • Assignment Tool
    • Announcement Tool
    • Gradebook
    • Post Course Outline
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Plan for Course Delivery 
    • Use the Delivery Planning Checklist to guide you in completing priority and recommended tasks before, during, and at the end of your course.
Document Successes and Lessons Learned
    • Use the course facilitation record as a way to track notes and flags each week as you facilitate your course.
Familiarize yourself with Classroom Technology
    • Visit the classroom(s) you are teaching in to familiarize yourself with the technology
    • Review the classroom technology videos on the CTL Resources SharePoint Site
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Reflect on Course Delivery
    • Make modifications to course as needed, based on feedback and notes from completed Course Facilitation Record | 403.356.4989 | Teaching Common – 913C | Find us on theLoop | Find us on Twitter and Facebook @ctlrdc

Updated August 20, 2021