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Team Roles and Responsibilities

The following team members form your online course development team and will support you through the processes of development, delivery, and renewal.

Course Developer and/or Instructor

In the Development Process, the Course Developer develops the course in Blackboard by sourcing and citing the course material and creating course activities and assessments. The Course Developer may also be the Instructor in the Delivery Process, but sometimes these are different people.

In the Delivery Process, the Instructor will be responsible for delivering the course. The Instructor may have received a fully-developed course and are expected to deliver it or they may have developed the course as the Course Developer in the Development Process and are now preparing to deliver it.

Learning Designer

Learning Designers support best practices in online course development and pedagogy. This includes:

Contact your Learning Designer when you need support with developing online learning activities.

Educational Multimedia Specialist

Educational Multimedia Specialists support the integration and application of educational technologies and content. This includes:

Contact your Educational Multimedia Specialist when you need assistance with formatting, structuring, or organizing your online course content.

School Librarian

Your School Librarian supports:

Best practices in copyright compliance. This includes:

The use and integration of Library and open resources. This includes:

Threading and laddering of information and digital literacy concepts. This includes:

Contact your School Librarian when you need support with using a resource in your course but are unsure if it’s copyright compliant, integrating Library resources into your course, open resources that you can use or modify for your course, and integrating information and/or digital literacy concepts into your assignments.

Flexible Learning Support Specialist

Your Flexible Learning Support Specialist provides support for online learners and online instructors. This includes:

Contact your Flexible Learning Support Specialist when you need technology support before and during your first class to help you and your students with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

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Updated August 27, 2019