Accessing Classroom Technology


I want to plug in my laptop:

RDC classrooms are equipped with a breakout cable which allows you to plug your laptop directly into the room’s projector.

If this cable is missing, request one from the help desk.

Please do not disconnect cables from the original setup in the room!


I want to use a USB stick:

The best place to plug in your USB stick in the classroom is directly into the computer or VDI terminal. Alternately, an extension cable has been provided on the top of the podium (see figure to the left.)

Some rooms may have other USB ports, but not all of these ports are functioning.


Using the VDI:

Press the “Power Button” to log in.

If you receive an error while logging in into VDI, click O.K. on the message and try again. If it fails on the second attempt,call the IT Help Desk.

If the touch screen technology doesn’t work while you are using the VDI, log out. Wait one minute and try logging in again. Waiting allows VDI to give you a different session which may cure the problem.

When you are finished your class, press the “Power Button” again to log off.


Adapter Cable:

If you are using a tablet or a Mac you will need to purchase an adapter cable to connect to the VGA connector. These adaptors are available at any computer store. A typical cable is shown to the left.

NB: Bring your tablet to the store – there are many types of adapters! Store staff will help ensure you get the right one if they can see your device.


Who to Call: