Smart Tools Setup

These tools allow you to use the touch pen to draw on your notes, PowerPoint, spreadsheet or blank whiteboard as you wish. They also have many other useful features.

First time set-up

Begin by left clicking on the Start button (lower left).  Select “All Programs”, then “SMART Technologies”, then “SMART Product Drivers”. Now: RIGHT CLICK “SMART Board Tools” and select “Pin to Start menu”. This will place these tools on your Start menu so you won’t have to repeat these steps every time you log in!


Using Floating Tools

Select the SMART Board Tools icon in your Start menu:

When the toolbar shows up, you can move it to the right side of your screen for easier viewing.

Not sure what all these icons mean? Look them up in the chart below:


Need help or want to learn more?

Contact the CTL at 4989 or email