Excellence in Online Teaching and Learning

EOTL 1 will be offered fully online over the course of four weeks from May 1 – 28, 2017; exact dates for weekly Collaborate Ultra sessions are on the Tuesday or Thursday of each week. This course will be particularly useful for faculty who know they will be teaching and developing for online within the next 12-18 months. It can be useful to support best practices in teaching and learning for all program models, including blended and face to face. EOTL 1 is open to all Red Deer College faculty.

Space is limited to 15 participants. Please register now to save your spot. If you would like to learn more about Online Teaching and Learning but are not able to participate in May please click here.

You will be required to prepare for and participate in one synchronous Collaborate Ultra session each week (four total). Collaborate Ultra sessions will have you actively presenting, using online tools to support a purpose, and collaborating with EOTL participants and facilitators. In addition, you will be required to complete the weekly asynchronous activity course work. Please be prepared to dedicate approximately two-four hours each week to meet the requirements for EOTL.

Excellence in Online Teaching and Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Use Blackboard elements, eCampusAlberta Quality 2.0 Standards, and available templates effectively to facilitate course design and delivery
  2. Create an engaging and welcoming online learning environment
  3. Utilize online teaching tools to engage and assess student learning
  4. Foster student-student, student-instructor, and student-content interaction and collaboration
  5. Demonstrate online teaching skills that increase student engagement and interactivity
  6. Collaborate in a virtual learning community
  7. Identify roles and responsibilities to support Excellence in Online Teaching and Learning at Red Deer College
  8. Define different online learning models
  9. Apply best practices in online teaching and learning


Program and Schedule

Excellence in Online Teaching and Learning is fully online, so you do not need to be physically on campus at RDC in order to participate. However, participants are required to meet necessary prerequisites and technology requirements and acquire necessary tools to participate.

The program consists of one Pre Unit and four Content Units.

Getting Started (March 22-April 30, 2017): Unit 00: Readiness Module

  • Registration Form
  • Readiness Survey
  • Complete EOTL Spring 2017 Prerequisites and Requirements
  • Acquire Necessary Tools to Participate in EOTL
  • Complete the Introductory Digital Storytelling Activity

Week 1 (May 1-7, 2017): Unit 1: Going Online With RDC

  • Trends and Growth in Online Education
  • Why the Excellence in Online Teaching and Learning Program?
  • Your Connection to the Red Deer College Institutional Readiness for Online Learning
  • Why Online?
  • Popular Online Models
  • Synchronous Online Collaborate Session Dates: You Only Have to Attend One
    • Tuesday, May 2 from 7:00pm-8:00pm
    • OR
    • Thursday, May 4 from 7:00pm-8:00pm

Week 2 (May 8-14, 2017): Unit 2: Engaging 21st Century Learners Through Online Tools

  • Fostering the Development of 21st Century Learning Skills Through Blackboard Tools
  • Identify Tools Outside of Blackboard to Support Teaching Online and Development
  • Apply Applications for Teaching Online
  • Synchronous Online Collaborate Session Dates: You Only Have to Attend One
    • Tuesday, May 9 from 7:00pm-8:00pm
    • OR
    • Thursday, May 11 from 7:00pm-8:00pm

Week 3 (May 15-21, 2017): Unit 3: Designing for an Online Community of Learners and Establishing a Sense of Presence

  • The Importance of an Instructor Presence
  • Creating an Engaging and Collaborative Online Learner-Centered Environment
  • Synchronous Online Collaborate Session Dates: You Only Have to Attend One
    • Tuesday, May 16 from 7:00pm-8:00pm
    • OR
    • Thursday, May 18 from 7:00pm-8:00pm

Week 4 (May 22-28, 2017): Unit 4: Designing For Quality Online Learning

  • Introduction to eCampusAlberta Quality 2.0 Standards
  • Introduction to Backwards Design
  • Profile of an Online Learner
  • Designing for the End-User
  • Synchronous Online Collaborate Session Dates: You Only Have to Attend One
    • Tuesday, May 23 from 7:00pm-8:00pm
    • OR
    • Thursday, May 25 from 7:00pm-8:00pm


Prerequisites and Requirements

  1. Technology Requirements for Active Participation: EOTL 1 encourages active online participation. See the Technology and Tool Requirements for Spring EOTL, 2017. Please be aware of your computer’s compatibility with above requirements. For example, some computers are not compatible for use with USB headsets.
  2. Baseline Level of Blackboard Skills: EOTL Spring 2017 is not a Blackboard introductory course. It is designed to support online educators in promoting current best practices in online education. Participants will be required to have a working knowledge (complete the readiness survey included in the registration form) of Blackboard prior to the May start date. Introduction to Blackboard basics for EOTL can be provided by appointment (approximately one hour) from CTL throughout the month of April, 2017. To make an appointment, please email CTL at ctl@rdc.ab.ca with the subject line being EOTL 1 Baseline Skills Appointment.
  3. Blackboard Course Site: Spring 2017 EOTL 1 participants must have a course site in Blackboard in which to practice course components. It can be a real course that you are building for the 2017-2018 academic year, or it can be a master course site. If you would like to use a master course site but do not have one, please contact Bob McLean at Bob.McLean@rdc.ab.ca with the subject line being EOTL Blackboard Course Site.


Registration and Readiness Survey

To register, you will be prompted to complete a short readiness survey. The survey will help you to self- identify your working body of knowledge with Blackboard and your ability to meet the time commitment requirements.



Please view the Overview of Excellence in Online Teaching and Learning 1 (Introduction) document for more information or contact Kasey Fulton at Kasey.Fulton@rdc.ab.ca

Updated March 21, 2017