Teaching and Learning Symposium

About the Teaching and Learning Symposium

The Teaching and Learning Symposium is anticipated to be an annual, single-stream event that explores teaching and learning within an emerging theme. The purpose of this event is to provide faculty with an opportunity to share ideas and experiences in a convivial and collegial atmosphere. It showcases excellence and innovation in teaching and scholarship at Red Deer College. It also provides an opportunity to bring in external expertise.

The format of the symposium includes potential for keynote speaker(s), panels, and presentations in a variety of engaging formats including:

  • Symposia: 20 minutes, organized into interactive panels
  • Speed Dating: Panels of Speakers will have 2 minutes to give an overview before moving to tables for in-depth discussion followed by a rotation between tables
  • Make and Take Session: Lead participants through making an item that can be integrated into teaching and learning or that transfers skills to another project
  • Choice: Propose a session style

If you’re interested in presenting, please fill out the Call for Proposals form.

Teaching and Learning Symposium Outcomes

Participants in the CTL’s Annual Teaching and Learning Symposium will be able to:

  1. Explore a thematic teaching and learning topic relevant to the post-secondary context in Canada.
  2. Collaborate with colleagues on solving teaching and learning problems.
  3. Apply learning from the Symposium to specific teaching and learning contexts.

2018 Theme: Maker Culture in the Post Secondary Classroom

April 12, 2018 | Rooms 2601, 2602, and Margaret Parsons Theatre

In partnership with the Library Information Common, the first annual CTL Teaching and Learning Symposium will be centred on the theme of Maker Culture in the post secondary classroom. Faculty at RDC use innovating teaching strategies related to maker culture and this symposium provides a space to share their teaching and the result on student learning. This theme is timely as RDC just opened a permanent Makerspace in the Library Information Common. The symposium is not just about the space, it is about the broader concept of maker culture, which “emphasizes learning-through-doing (active learning) in a social environment” through actions such as:

  • Tinkering and experimenting
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Perseverance

Maker Culture Outcomes

Participants in the 2018 Maker Culture in Post Secondary Teaching and Learning Symposium will be able to:

  1. Describe maker culture and the connection to teaching and learning.
  2. Collaborate with colleagues on the design of curriculum that integrates maker culture in a meaningful way to support student learning outcomes.
  3. Analyse how maker culture can connect to a variety of disciplines at the College.

Call for Proposals

Please fill out the Call for Proposals form if you’re interested in presenting at the first annual CTL Teaching and Learning Symposium.

2019: Artificial Intelligence: Robots, AI, and Future Proofing Graduates

The second annual CTL Teaching and Learning Symposium will be centred on the theme of Artificial Intelligence and the impact on post-secondary. What are the skills, attributes, and knowledge that students graduating from RDC will need to work with, for, and near artificial intelligence? What components of society will not be impacted by AI? How are we future-proofing our students by teaching them the skills, knowledge, and attributes that AI cannot master?
Updated December 12, 2017