When adding content into your Blackboard course, be mindful of the size of the content being included.

Content Management Strategies

Use the following strategies to manage the amount of content in your Blackboard course. When possible:

  • Hyperlink to articles, documents, etc. rather than uploading files to your course
    • View the Library’s Faculty Support at RDC page for information on copyright and how to permalink to library databases

  • Embed and/or hyperlink to videos – do not upload video files to your course
  • Prior to uploading documents to your course, search through the Content Collection (the repository in your course that stores all uploaded files) to ensure multiple versions of the same document are not being uploaded
  • Before uploading files to your course, convert them from their Office file type (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, etc.) into PDF for two reasons:
    • Students don’t need to download PDF documents to view them – they open in Blackboard or in a new browser tab
    • Students would need to download the Word documents to view them and they may not have Word installed on their computer, making it difficult to access the documents

  • In your Content Collection, look for large file sizes and unused files and folders that can be deleted



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Updated August 13, 2019

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