Red Deer College strives to create a high-quality flexible learning environment guided by an evidence-based framework. To maximize expertise in the creation of quality online and blended courses, our approach involves pairing faculty with a team that includes a:

  • Learning Designer
  • Educational Multimedia Specialist
  • School Librarian
  • Flexible Learning Support Specialist

The following graphic illustrates our approach:

Visit our Course Delivery Terms page for terminology relating to course delivery and timelines.


The creation of quality online and blended courses is guided by pedagogical and technical practices. These practices form the foundation for our RDC Competencies, which are the skills and knowledge that enable instructors to be successful in digital environments.

RDC Competencies

  • Instructor Presence
    The instructor creates an engaging and welcoming online learning environment. Instructor presence promotes and encourages a safe, inviting and mutually respectful learning environment.

  • Engagement & Interaction
    The instructor fosters interaction and collaboration. Engagement and interaction is maximized when instructors use active learning activities that provide students with opportunities to interact with their peers, instructor and course content.

  • Course Design (Backwards Design)
    The instructor ensures alignment between online learning activities, assessments, and course learning outcomes.

  • Online Course Design (Template)
    The instructor ensures course content is organized in a consistent and logical manner, and can adjust the course design to meet the needs of learners.

  • Tools & Technology
    The instructor utilizes educational tools and technology effectively in the online learning environment.

The following graphic illustrates how our RDC Competencies align with our pedagogical and technical practices.



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Updated March 11, 2020