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Simplified Online Teaching

In response to the COVID-19 disruption, the Centre for Teaching and Learning has simplified our current Framework for Quality Online Courses [1]. The intent is to help faculty move along the continuum from emergency remote teaching towards quality online teaching, by way of a simplified online teaching process, as illustrated in the graphic below:

Why Use This Process?


Workshops & Resources

A series of sequenced workshops have been designed to support this simplified process and will be offered during May and June. Visit the Simplified Online Teaching Series [2] page for the workshop recordings.

View our Preparing for Fall 2020: Online Resources [3] document to view the CTL resources that are available to you as you prepare to deliver your course online this fall.

Simplified Online Teaching Process Details

Review the table below for additional details and resources pertaining to this simplified process, guided by outcomes-based curriculum design [4]. This includes the following team members who are available to guide you through this process and can be reached by emailing the CTL at ctl@rdc.ab.ca [5]:

Assess Your Experience

Task Action Items Resources Supporting Team Members
Reflect on your Teaching Experience
  • Reflect on the new direction of teaching and learning during this time of transition
  • Note: This information is voluntary and is intended to help inform future planning
Learning Designer

Develop Your Course

Task Action Items Resources Supporting Team Members
Review the 3 Competencies
  • Review the 3 Competencies for Simplified Online Teaching to guide teaching during this time of disruption
Learning Designer
Review the Simplified Checklist
  • Review the Simplified Quality Online Courses Checklist for effective practices to include in online courses during this time of disruption
All Team Members
Plan your course
  • Use the simplified planning map to:
    • create an overview of your current course OR
    • plan the overview of your new course

  • Identify course resources, considering:
    • Licensed Library resources with permalinks
    • Open and affordable textbooks and other open educational resources (OER)
    • Copyright for online delivery
  • Learning Designer
  • Librarian
Build in Blackboard
  • Use the planning map to populate Blackboard with your content
  • You may use the Blackboard template, if desired
  • Educational Multimedia Specialist
  • Flexible Learning Support Specialist

Deliver Your Course

Task Action Items Resources Supporting Team Members
Plan for Delivery
  • Review the checklist to guide actions when delivering your course
  • Learning Designer
  • Educational Multimedia Specialist
  • Flexible Learning Support Specialist


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Updated June 15, 2020