Role of the CTL

As per Principle 2.8, “The Faculty Performance Committee, the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL), Strategic Planning and Analysis, and the Faculty Professional Development Committee co-operate in supporting and promoting the policy.”

The CTL provides training for Continuous Faculty Members to become SGIF Facilitators and Peer Observers, we maintain information on our website that is current and accurate in accordance with the Policy, we liaise with Faculty Performance and Strategic Planning and Analysis to ensure that information on Peer Observations, SGIFs, and SFIs is accurate and current.

The CTL maintains the practices and process documents for Peer Observations and SGIFs on our website. The CTL also maintains the lists of faculty who have completed the training to become Peer Observers or SGIF Facilitators. Faculty should consult with the CTL for the most current information on both processes. (Pg 5-6, FPC Policy)

The Faculty Performance Committee

“The Faculty Performance Committee serves as an advisory group to the Faculty Association of Red Deer College (FARDC) and Deans’ Council on the Faculty Performance Policy and faculty continuous appointment. The Committee also makes recommendations to administration regarding the processes for performance review and for continuous appointment of faculty.”

Please see the FPC Terms of Reference for the full mandate of this Committee.


Faculty Performance Policy

The revised Faculty Performance Policy at Red Deer College was approved and is in effect for 1 July 2017. This policy applies to all faculty at Red Deer College. As the Policy Statement (page 1) indicates:

  • “All faculty members of Red Deer College (RDC) demonstrate their commitment to and accomplishment of the Professional Responsibilities of Faculty of RDC throughout their appointments as faculty members. These responsibilities and procedures are outlined in this policy.”

  • “Through their assessment of a faculty member’s performance, in accordance with this policy, Associate Deans and Deans indicate the extent to which the individual meets expectations relative to their professional responsibilities in their discipline expert role, in their teaching and learning role, as a member of their department and the community of RDC, and as a member of the external community.”
  • Faculty Performance Policy

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SGIF (Small Group Instructional Feedback)

Small Group Instructional Feedback sessions are designed to gather qualitative data from students about their learning experiences. For Learning Designers, Librarians, and Counsellors, a Small Group Feedback session can replace an SGIF and the process and purpose are the same. The process is designed to create opportunities for dialogue between instructors and students.

Completed before the mid-point of the term or intake, the SGIF results can be used by the instructor to impact students within the current session. Feedback gathered in this way is primarily for formative assessment purposes, providing important information for instructors to formulate a growth plan and to organize professional development activities to support that plan.

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Peer Observation

A Peer Observation is intended to be a formative learning experience in which one faculty member observes another and provides feedback on their teaching. The observed faculty member then reflects on this feedback and uses it to develop his or her teaching practice.

Completed before the mid-point of the class, this feedback can be used immediately to positively impact the learning experience of students. Currently, the Peer Observer writes the Peer Observation Report using the Report Template on the CTL Website.

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SFI (Student Feedback Instruments)

Student Feedback Instruments (SFIs) are used at Red Deer College to collect student feedback on teaching (in SoTL literature, these are often referred to as SETs, Student Evaluations of Teaching).

SFI description from the Strategic Planning and Analysis website: SFI: The means by which students provide feedback on instruction at Red Deer College. Student feedback shall be obtained from students in each course using the instrument approved by the Board/ Faculty Performance Committee. Non instructional faculty members shall receive feedback from students in small groups, workshops or classes conducted using an instrument approved by the Board/ Faculty Professional Standards Committee. The dean and the faculty member shall both receive a summary of all data from the prescribed student feedback instrument each term.

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Updated October 23, 2019

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