“RDC is committed to providing learning opportunities and services of high quality to students and the community. A measure of this commitment to quality and to student success is the continuous development, support, and assessment of all programs, services, faculty, and staff. The Faculty Performance Policy identifies the responsibilities and procedures associated with the assessment and development of faculty performance.”

(From page 1 of the new Faculty Performance Policy)

Policy Statement

“All faculty members of Red Deer College (RDC) demonstrate their commitment to and accomplishment of the Professional Responsibilities of Faculty of RDC throughout their appointments as faculty members. These responsibilities and procedures are outlined in this policy. Through their assessment of a faculty member’s performance, in accordance with this policy, Associate Deans and Deans indicate the extent to which the individual meets expectations relative to their professional responsibilities in their discipline expert role, in their teaching and learning role, as a member of their department and the community of RDC, and as a member of the external community.”

(From page 1 of the new Faculty Performance Policy)

New Policy

New Policy goes into effect 1 July 2017 and can be found on the policies page under HR Policies.



Reflective Practice

“Ongoing thoughts about effectiveness and written summations of those thoughts with a view to incorporating the insights into subsequent practice.”

Faculty should consult with the CTL for more information on reflective practice .

(From page 5 of the new Faculty Performance Policy)

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Updated August 21, 2018

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